Biosphere Environmental Consultants specialise in environmental management, ecology and wildlife health. We have an intricate understanding of environmental legislation and regulatory requirements, and a commitment to professional advancement, including academic research collaboration and membership of professional societies.

We have a reputation for delivering innovative, practical, and effective natural resource management solutions, and as result we are often called upon to provide assessments and advice to a range of stakeholders.

We are committed to meeting project requirements to a high standard and within agreed timeframes and budgets. We have the skills, experience and professional networks to address environmental challenges with robust science across a broad range of environmental disciplines.

Environmental projects are rarely limited to fauna and flora assessments, and the environments across which we work are highly variable. We maintain strategic alliances with individuals and organisations whose experience and expertise complement our own. In this way we can tailor project teams to meet our clients’ needs, with specific and relevant expertise. Our executive staff maintain project connectivity and strategic oversight throughout all projects, ensuring seamless, professional service from inception to completion.